Sizzling Summer Deals!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Summer’s here! Time to dig out the sandals, fire up the barbecue… buy a new mattress? Our summer sale is definitely enough to tempt you! We’ve got loads of mattress bargains for you at a time of year when sleep doesn’t always come easy, and we’ve shared just a few of our favourites below!

The Damask Quilt from Snuggle Beds
This is a fantastic choice for the spare room or for children. A soft tension mattress with hypoallergenic white fibre fillings and a sturdy open coil spring system, the Damask Quilt is great if you’re on a budget. A damask micro-quilted cover makes the sleeping surface extremely comfortable. The Damask Quilt is now just £119 for a double.

The Damask Quilt

On a Budget? Try the Pocket 1000 Mattress!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Want more fantastic British-made mattresses? We’ve got them! The British Bed Company makes a mattress to suit everyone, and we’re continuing our involvement with the Sleep Council’s Buy British Beds campaign with a writeup of the Pocket 1000!

The Pocket 1000 from the British Bed Company

People spend on average a third of their lives in bed, so you should try to spend as much on a mattress as you can afford. After all, a good night’s sleep is a vital part of your wellbeing, so it’s worth investing in. But we like to make sure everyone can get the best that sleep technology has to offer, which is why we sell pocket sprung mattresses, recommended for the best night’s sleep, at prices to suit those on a budget!

Mattresses Don't Get Cooler Than This!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

We’re continuing to celebrate the Sleep Council’s Buy British Beds month, letting you know why British-made mattresses are some of the finest in the world! From using high-quality materials to meeting rigorous safety standards, British manufacturers work hard to make the very best mattresses, and the British Bed Company, whose products are sold exclusively by Mattressman, is no exception.

Now approaching its third anniversary, the British Bed Company focuses on everything Buy British Beds month is about. They source materials in Britain, use the best of both traditional methods and innovative modern technology, and create jobs here in Norwich! If you missed our review of their Grand Duke mattress, you can see it here. This week, we’re going to look at another one of their high-end mattresses, the Ortho Cool Memory 2000.

The Ortho Cool Memory 2000 from the British Bed Company

Get a Grand Night's Sleep with the Grand Duke Mattress!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

As part of the Sleep Council’s Buy British Beds month, we’re reviewing some of our favourite mattresses from the British Bed Company! The British Bed Company focus on sourcing the finest materials from around the UK, and assemble their mattresses here in Norwich. The British Bed Company sell everything from budget mattresses to high-end models, and all their mattresses are sold exclusively through Mattressman. They’re a great example of the homegrown companies the Sleep Council is promoting this month, with something available for everyone in their brilliant range!

One of our favourites is the Grand Duke, a redesigned version of the best-selling Duke mattress! Don’t worry, though, it has all the great features its predecessor did, but it’s packed with even more luxury fillings for an even better night’s sleep!

The Grand Duke from the British Bed Company

Buying a Bed? Buy British!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

If you’re thinking of getting a new mattress, think about buying British! The Sleep Council are flying the Union Jack this month, as they encourage people to buy mattresses sourced and built here at home!

Buying British is more eco-friendly and supports local companies. Beyond that, though, British mattresses are some of the finest in the world. Not only do they have to meet rigorous safety standards, but they also combine some of the most advanced and innovative technology in the industry with the best of tried-and-true traditional methods. It’s a great combination that means a better night’s sleep for you!

Here at Mattressman we sell a wide choice of mattresses that were made right here in Britain, with care and attention paid to every detail, guaranteeing that your mattress will be supportive and comfortable for years to come.

The British Bed Company has its third anniversary next month, and will be celebrating another year of making fantastic, British-sourced and assembled mattresses of all types and to suit all budgets. Whether you’re looking for a mattress for yourself, the kids, or something for the spare room, you’ll find something you love in the British Bed Company range!

Keep an eye out over Buy British month, as we’ll be talking about some of our favourite British Bed Company mattresses, as well as their fantastic headboards and divans! Or you can start browsing the range here!

Sleeping Badly? You May Need a New Mattress!

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

This month, the Sleep Council has been running its brilliant “May be Time for a New Mattress!” campaign, encouraging people to replace their old, worn-out mattresses. Did you know that even if your mattress seems fine, it might not be? How do you tell? Find out below!

First Look at the Nook!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Our fundraising efforts for the brilliant Nook Appeal are heating up! The Nook Appeal, run by East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH), aims to build a brand new children’s hospice in Norfolk that will provide vital care and support for life-threatened children and their families.

Mattressman have pledged £25,000 to the Nook Appeal, with £10,000 of that already donated upfront. To help raise the rest of the money, we’ve created the wonderful Nook mattress, designed to be supportive and comfortable for both children and adults!

The Nook mattress certainly looks fantastic, finished with the Nook colours on the edges and handles, and a fun butterfly pattern stitched on the top. Not only does this look great, but it creates a more plush sleeping surface and holds all the fillings firmly in place. With luxurious hypoallergenic fillings, the Nook mattress is a terrific choice for anyone with allergies. And while the comfortable fibre fillings used in the Nook mattress are soft enough that children will be able to sleep soundly, the traditional open coil spring unit is fully supportive for people of all weights and age, and with a Medium firmness rating it offers a great night’s sleep for adults as well. That’s why we make the Nook mattress in sizes from small single to king size, so there’s something to suit every room and every kind of sleeper!


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