Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Do all mattresses go to mattress heaven?

Unfortunately, the sad fact of the matter is most do not. Many mattresses, approximately 7.5 million a year in fact, will end up piled high on a landfill site. We think the scrapheap is an unfit final resting place for your mattress, especially when there’s a cleaner, greener way to dispose of it.  That’s why we recycle every single mattress, bed frame and divan at Mattressman, with anything that can’t be recycled going directly to energy production or the manufacturing of biomass fuels.

Our low-cost disposal service is one of the only ways that you can ensure your mattress gets the afterlife it deserves. And why wouldn’t you? Your mattress has spent years lovingly supporting you and your partner. If you love doing your bit for the planet, recycling your mattress is definitely the way to go as well. 

Here’s how we do it:

First, our friendly delivery staff will come and pick up your old mattress. We then load them all on to a large lorry and transport them to a British recycling centre for treatment. At the recycling plant, the springs are removed and sent to steel mills for reprocessing, any foam is sanitised and repurposed for padding, and contaminated wood or textiles are harvested for energy. It’s that simple!

Recycling your mattress has many benefits: it doesn’t add to the mountains of waste that already overwhelm our landfill sites, it puts recycled goods back on the market, and it supports sustainable industries across the UK that employ thousands of people!

So, if you want your mattress to go to mattress heaven, don’t take it down the dump – which will still cost you the price of a permit– call your friendly neighbourhood Mattressman and we’ll make sure it goes to a good place.

Sleep well!

Thursday, 13 April 2017

How to enjoy Easter from your Comfy bed, or entice yourself out of it!

If you have a bed from Mattressman, we hope it’s so comfy that you never want to get out of it – but this Easter, we’ve got two very different ideas to help you enjoy the long weekend in whichever style you prefer… breakfast-in-bed or breakfast al fresco!

The Mattressman team has come up with a few breakfast-in-bed hacks so you can enjoy Easter from your cosy Comfy bed:
First of all, make sure you have enough pillows to prop yourself up, as you don’t want to drop any crumbs in bed.
Find a tray that you can use and make sure it’s gleaming, then decorate it with a few flowers in a small vase to really give it that spring vibe.
Get your crockery and cutlery ready on the tray, then get to work at the hob!

Runny-yolk boiled eggs with pancetta avocado soldiers
This recipe is quick, tasty and filling – and with just ten minutes of preparation and only five minutes of cooking time, you can be back in bed with your breakfast before the duvet’s even had time to cool.
You will need:
4 eggs (as it wouldn’t be a proper Easter breakfast without them)
1tbsp vegetable oil
1 ripe avocado, cut into slices
100g smoked pancetta rashers
The method has just three simple steps:
Bring a large saucepan of water to the boil and carefully drop the eggs into the water, then boil them for five minutes.
While the eggs are cooking away, heat the oil in a non-stick pan and wrap each slice of avocado in pancetta. Fry them for a few minutes over a high heat until crisp.
Pop the eggs into egg cups on your plate, with the pancetta avocado soldiers on the side, ready for dipping.
Don’t forget to pour yourself a nice hot cuppa before getting back upstairs and tucking in to your eggcellent Easter breakfast from the comfort of your own bed.

Eggs al fresco
If you’d rather go al fresco, our idea at Mattressman is to force yourself out of bed bright and early.
Save yourself the trouble of cooking and head to a nearby café so you can relax outside and enjoy a nice coffee while someone else cooks and brings your breakfast to you! Bliss. Can there be a better reason to get out of bed?
Whether you enjoy Easter from your cosy Comfy bed or you head out for a nice relaxing brunch, the entire team at Mattressman hope you enjoy the long weekend. If you have some spare time, why not pop in and see us at your nearest store? Happy Easter!

Sleep well!

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Bedtime Tips and Tricks

Everyone wants the best for their children, especially when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, but it seems like the experts are always disagreeing about how to achieve it. At Mattressman, we know that a great sleep starts with the perfect bed, but what else can you do to help your child sleep well? Here’s what we think:

1. Tell Me a Story
There are plenty of benefits to reading your child a bedtime story – they help to establish a bedtime routine that promotes healthy sleeping hours, as well as providing a great way of getting them into bed without them even realising. There are also lots of ways that bedtime stories help children to learn: by serving as a teaching tool for everyday life skills, improving their language and memory skills, and even encouraging their logical thinking.

2. It’s Not Me, It’s You
Despite the best intentions, sometimes the problem with getting your child to sleep is something you are (unwittingly) doing. We like to make our child’s bedroom a happy and exciting place to be, but you don’t want to make it too exciting; having screens such as TVs and tablets in the bedroom can weaken a child’s association between the bedroom and sleep, as well as emitting light that slows down the sleeping process.
At Mattressman, we have plenty of ways to make your child’s bedroom exciting whilst keeping sleep as the main focus, like our range of themed children’s beds that can transform their room into a princess castle, a pirate ship, and even a race track. They even come with extra storage to help keep their room tidy.

3. Their Own Bed
While there’s no concrete time for a child to make the move from cot to bed, most children are ready to move somewhere between 18 months and 3 years of age. Of course, if you choose to co-sleep, this will take a bit longer. When you decide your child is ready for their own bed, there are many ways to ease the transition – why not start by letting your child choose their new bed? Our selection of children’s beds at Mattressman will give them plenty of exciting options, and they’re all quick and easy to put together at home.
Choosing their own bed will give your child something exciting to look forward to, helping them to forget about the big change they are undertaking. Other ways to help include making sure your daily routine remains regular – as lots of other changes at the same time can be scary and confusing for your child – and making a special bedtime story about your child can help them to understand the change in a more concrete way.

Now you know our tips on how to help your child get a good night’s sleep, you’re ready to start getting some yourself! And while you’re choosing a new bed for your child, why not have a look at one for you too?

Sleep well!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Coventry, Here We Come!

Mattressman is on a mission to get every household in the UK sleeping better. To do so, we've made some big changes to our business, including improvements to our website and opening up more stores across the country. We've seen some really great successes along the way, and seeing as the west midlands is still without its own Mattressman, we thought now would be the perfect time to open a brand new concessions store in Coventry.

Located on the Gallagher Retail Park, our brand new store has everything you've come to love about Mattressman: branded mattresses and bed frames, Designer Divans, and a wide selection of stylish bedroom furniture. What's more, if you find it difficult shopping for a new mattress, you couldn't be in safer hands with our clever sales team. They know almost everything there is to know about mattresses, meaning you can browse with confidence, safe in the knowledge that their sound advice is free and totally impartial.

So, the next time you're on the market for a brand new mattress, come down to Mattressman and see why we're one of the country's favourite retailers. 

Sleep well!

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Your Weird and Wonderful Dreams Decoded

We dream five times on average every night, with each dream lasting somewhere between 15 and 40 minutes. That stacks up to around 2 hours of surreal content every evening, but what exactly do your dreams mean? And what do they say about you? We’re taking a closer look at nine of the most commonly experienced dreams to help you decode your subconscious.

Are You Being Chased?
It’s said that we’re not anxious about the act of being chased but actually scared of what’s chasing us – you could be running from something that is making you frightened or anxious in real life. The person chasing you can also represent the expression of your own emotion, such as anger or jealousy.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Vehicular dreams can reflect the direction of your life and whether you feel in or out of control.

Back to School?
Those vivid dreams where you’re confronted with a test that you aren’t prepared for highlight a lesson to be learnt from the past. They can reflect a lack of confidence or the inability to advance to the next stage of your life.

Flying High?
Flying in a dream relates to whether you feel confident and able to achieve your goals – high flying is euphoric, while flying low can be frustrating and hint at low confidence.

Feel Like You’re Falling?
Some falling dreams are scary and negative but not all – some dreamers experience a slow, calm fall that exemplifies letting go. Falling wildly from a great height indicates that something in your life is out of control.

Naked in a Dream?
If you’re naked in a dream, it can symbolise not being able to find yourself, uncertainty or being wrongly accused.

Losing your teeth?
This kind of dream might reflect anxieties about your appearance that could stem from a fear of rejection, embarrassment or feeling unattractive.

Whatever you’re dreaming, make sure you get a good night’s sleep on a comfortable bed frame and mattress from Mattressman.

Sleep well!

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Welcome Ashore, Mattressman!

Mattressman is proud to announce that we're opening a brand new concessions store on the Isle of Wight.

We've established one of our finest stores across the Solent, brimming with stylish bed frames, designer divans and mattresses of every kind. What's more, our new store is staffed by some of the best people we know: our friendly sales team! They're brilliant at offering free, impartial advice and can help you find a mattress that's perfect for you.

So, the next time you're in Newport, pop in to Mattressman and find out why we're one of the most trusted mattress retailers in the country.

Sleep well!

Friday, 14 October 2016

5 Simple Tips for a Healthy Back

One of the most important attributes of a good mattress is spinal support. Therefore, we thought we'd jot down one or two tips to help you look after your back. 

Don't Slouch
Yes, I know I sound like your mother. But it's true, slouching really isn't good for your back.
It can be difficult to maintain a straight back all day, especially if you work in an office, but poor posture or hunching over shifts the weight of your upper body forward, putting strain on your spine. That's why it's a good idea to keep your computer monitor at eye level and your backrest upright.

Learn to lift using the correct technique. This involves squatting down in front of the object and then straightening your legs while keeping the load close to your body.

Regularly exercising your back helps to keep the muscles strong. Back-strengthening exercises include walking, swimming (especially backstroke) and cycling.

Stop Smoking!
This may come as a surprise, but smoking has actually been linked to spinal degeneration. This is because smoking reduces the blood flow to the spongy discs between the vertebrae, resulting in damage.

Invest in a Top-Quality Mattress
We wouldn't be doing our jobs if we didn't mention the importance of a supportive, well-made mattress. Some of the best advice to keep in mind when buying one is to make sure it provides the correct support for your weight and stature, not just firmness. We also recommend that you replace your mattress every five years.

If you keep to just one or two of these tips, you'll be half way to a healthier, happier back in no time.

Sleep well!