Thursday, 31 July 2014

Guest Post | Top Tips on Storing a Mattress Safely

This is a guest post by Drew of Big Yellow Self Storage.

Mattresses can cost many hundreds of pounds so they’re quite an investment. If ever you need to store a mattress, knowing how to maximise the chances of it surviving intact and coming out in a useable condition will help safeguard your investment and give many years of future use.

Protect the Surface

Whether you’re storing a mattress at home or in a self storage facility, use a purpose made mattress bag to protect the surface from dust or pests. Regardless of where you keep it, there’s always the chance that even if the surrounding air is clean and the location is temperature controlled, the mattress can be soiled by the items next to it.
Mattress bags are available for all sizes of mattresses. Look for them in DIY or home stores, or ask at your local self storage facility as they often have them for sale. They offer better protection than you’ll get by simply wrapping the mattress in plastic.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Regular Exercise Can Help You Sleep Better!

Everyone knows it's important both to exercise regularly and get a good night's sleep. But did you know that these two things can have a direct effect on each other?

The US organisation National Sleep Foundation conducted a poll of adults between the ages of 23 and 60 to learn about people's sleeping habits. They found that people who exercised regularly were much more likely to report sleeping well every night. They were more likely to fall asleep easily every night, and less likely to wake up during the night. In contrast, over 60% of respondents who didn't exercise said that they rarely slept well on work nights, and were much more likely to report symptoms associated with insomnia.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Mattress Bargains in Our Summer Sale!

Don’t miss out on our summer bargains! Our summer sale has started today with dozens of products reduced to unbelievable prices!

Is back pain keeping you from running about on the beach? Why not try an orthopaedic mattress, such as the Ortho Sleep from Silentnight? With a firm tension and Silentnight’s own Miracoil spring system to prevent you and your partner from rolling towards each other, this orthopaedic mattress provides fantastic support that will have you feeling active in no time! It’s now just £249 for a double.

Silentnight Ortho Sleep

If you’ve spent a summer holiday at a luxurious hotel with a bed to die for, and you’re a little disappointed to return home, why not take a look at the Premier range from Hypnos, who provide mattresses to Premier Inns across the country, as well as the Queen herself! The Premier Bedstead mattress can now be yours at just £499 for a double, while the Premier Luxury Pillow Top is £779!

Hypnos Premier Luxury Pillow Top

The weather’s made it tough to sleep recently, but the mattress you sleep on can go some way towards combatting that. The Healthopaedic Zero Gravity 1000, a favourite among Mattressman staff, uses temperature-regulating Tencel, which is naturally breathable and antibacterial, allowing you to stay cool as you sleep. The Zero Gravity is now just £249 for a double.

Healthopaedic Zero Gravity 1000

You can also pick up a bed frame or divan base for your new mattress in our sale, with wooden, metal and leather frames available!

Friday, 18 July 2014

10 Great Bedtime Snacks

Late-night grazing is practically a way of life for some of us — we pick at leftovers from dinner, raid the cupboards, or stare into the fridge until inspiration strikes. It’s not necessarily due to hunger, but boredom, force of habit, and the cravings brought on by feeling tired. The trouble is, it can disrupt your sleep.

The late-night munchies themselves aren’t the problem — it’s what you’re eating that can keep you awake. So what should you be snacking on that, instead of making you lie there tossing and turning, will allow you to wake up feeling well-rested?

Monday, 14 July 2014

Knitted Nests Make Perfect Bird Beds!

It’s not just humans that need a cosy place to sleep! That’s certainly the view of this wildlife charity in San Francisco, where workers have enlisted the help of local knitters to create cosy baby bird nests!

Volunteers for WildCare, which treats thousands of wild animals every year, noticed that the baby birds they were looking after were getting bruises from the hard surfaces of the bowls that were used as temporary nests, and launched the Baby Bird Nest campaign to give the birds a more comfortable home. It didn’t take long for local knitters to get to work — as of last month, over 1,400 nests have been donated. These were then provided to other wildlife hospitals and bird rescue centres in the area.

Just like the natural fillings, including wool, that you’ll find in many of the beds we sell, the knitted nests provide great natural temperature control for the chicks, keeping them nice and warm without allowing them to overheat for the two weeks before they can be moved into a larger cage.

The campaign’s site gives all the instructions people need to knit their own bird nest, even providing patterns for knitters to follow! The tight weave of the nests ensures that its residents don’t get their feet or beaks caught, and volunteers are sending in knitted nests of all different sizes so that all baby birds can have a new home.

There’s no official Baby Bird Nest campaign in the UK yet, but there’s at least one story of UK chicks being given one of these unusual homes, and perhaps a widespread nest-knitting craze will kick off soon!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

10 Ways to Sleep Better While Camping

We all have our favourite summer getaways — some like luxurious hotels, some go for charming holiday cottages, and some like to get back to nature and camp out under the night sky! If that’s more your style, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a good night’s sleep! Keep these things in mind when you’re camping and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed for a day of outdoor adventuring!

Monday, 7 July 2014

5 Benefits of Kissing

Happy Monday! Yesterday was National Kissing Day! Did you lock lips with anyone? If you did, you might not have realised that you were getting a whole lot of benefits other than intimacy with a loved one! Kissing has all sorts of physical and mental health benefits, including the following:

1) It’s a great way to turn a bad day around! Puckering up releases a cocktail of hormones that will lower your stress and anxiety levels and help you to feel relaxed and happy.

2) It can get rid of headaches! Kissing makes your blood vessels dilate, which can help to relieve aches and pains, as well as lower your blood pressure. Or maybe it’s just that the kissing takes your mind off it!

3) It burns calories! Kissing can burn two to three calories per minute. Whoever said exercise has to be hard work?

4) It tones your facial muscles! You’ve probably heard how it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. How many does it take to kiss? We don’t know, but we do know that kissing helps give your neck and jaw muscles a great workout!

5) It may ease allergies! According to a study in Japan, kissing for half an hour can lower your body’s production of histamine, the chemical that triggers your running nose and streaming eyes. And if you have someone who wants to kiss you while you’re in the middle of a hay fever attack, you know you’ve got a keeper!

So, if you missed National Kissing Day, show your special someone this list and have a late celebration together!