Mattress Chain In China Breaks Guinness Record

A new world record was smashed last week, after 1001 people filled a shopping mall in China to create the largest ever human mattress chain.

The event, regulated by the Guinness World Records, was carefully planned and executed, due to the smallest wobble causing the whole plan to collapse- literally.

Highlighting the amount of work gone into the program, one volunteer said:

"First of all, we need good teamwork. All the participants, from the first to the last, must act like one person, and that is dominoes. Then it must be accurate. The mattresses must be evenly arranged. It's one of the characteristics of dominoes,"

From the first toppled mattress, the chain took ten minutes to complete, with 1001 mattresses and people falling to the ground in a domino fashion.

This beats the previous record held by La Quinta Inns and Suites in the USA, held in February, with 850 volunteers.

Cheng Dong, the Guinness World Records authenticator commended the volunteers on their success, and dedication. He also mentioned, quite rightly:

“…Our volunteers were all very brave. No one dodged when the two-metre-high mattress fell onto them”

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