Mattressman Sponsors Worstead Festival

This weekend sees the arrival of Worstead Festival, and Mattressman is proud to be sponsoring the traditional event once again.

Worstead Festival is a long-held tradition that was started in the 1960's; the funds raised helped to save the local church, which stands today as the centrepiece of this great village to this day. Hundred's of thousand's of pounds have been raised since, and Mattressman is more than happy to be a part of this excellent event!

This year, Mattressman will be more involved than ever before, giving festival goers a lot to get stuck in to.. 

We are taking the traditional "welly-throwing" theme and applying it to pillows, creating our very own pillow throwing competition extravaganza! The winner will receive a pair of Snuggle Beds' Charcool Ribbed Pillows! .. Original, eh?

As well as this, the Mattressman team have created possibly the greatest game ever - 'Bung a Bug!' We have our very own Mattressman cut out, and the contestants will have to throw bed bug toys through his mouth for a chance to win.. you guessed it.. a pair of Snuggle Beds' Charcool Ribbed Pillows! This game has been causing a stir in the office, with everyone wanting a go - we can't wait to unleash it upon the Worstead Festival public! Note - no bugs were harmed in the creation of this competition..

If you are able to attend, make sure you come and visit our stand for the 'Bung a bug' competition, and make sure you check out Mattressman's stock of comfy pillows if you're feeling like your head needs more love throughout the night..

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