Wednesday, 25 July 2012

New Snuggle Bunks Unveiled

Mattressman sells over 30 bunk beds, but up until now we've rarely had more than 5 or so in stock.
We've recently added two new products to the roster:

snuggle madison

The Snuggle Madison in antique pine and

the idea of these two new beds is that they fulfill most of the features that most people look for in a bunk bed,without having to compromise on different features.
They're both made from Scandinavian pine and feature large side-rails for protection.
One feature, commonly looked for in bunk beds, is the inclusion of a ladder built onto the side of the bed. When ladders clip on - or rest on the side of the bed, they're often trip-hazards or end up sliding along the wood, causing damage.
A bunk bed should be able to last a number of years and these great beds should definitely last your kids a good amount. Strong pine should avoid most general wear and tear that children's beds pick up, and when your kids get a little older, they can be split into two individual single beds, adding even more life to these bunks.