Welcome to the Mattressman Blog!

Hey all!
Feeling privileged to be the first person to write on the official Mattressman blog!

As the description reads, the new-look blog is going to be a place for all sorts of things.
So many companies' blogs just waffle on about new products, updates or offers and unless you're hugely involved in the company, you're probably not going to find that super exiting.

With our new blog, we hope to make this a place for everything from those offers and updates to bedroom design and new inspirational ideas.
If we have something we're proud of, we'll blog it. If there's something new and cool we think you should know about it, we'll blog it. If we hear of something fascinating in the industry, we'll blog it.

This blog is also going to be the new home of our news and articles sections from the old-look website. If you're looking for those old articles, you can still find them at:

To find what you're looking for, the right hand side of the blog features the blogroll; an archive of all the blog's posts by date. There's also the categories section, which allows your to filter all the blog's posts by category, so you can find what you're looking for and exclude the stuff you're not interested in.

On the subject of things you're interested in; we really value your feedback. So, if you see any posts that you like, please share them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other of your favorite sites. If you have a blog, yourself, we'd love to read what you thought of our posts. If you like what we talk about, or even disagree with what we have to say, then please write a comment or email us at [email protected]

Most of all, this isn't just our blog - so please pitch in and contribute! If you have suggestions, we'd love to hear them!