Damaged Chopper Makes Safe Landing on Pile of Mattresses

A helicopter missing its landing gear made a safe landing on a makeshift pile of mattresses, set up outside the San Antonio International Airport, recently, after quick thinking by the airport’s fire brigade saved the day.

Photo via MySanAntonio.com
 The helicopter, carrying medical supplies to the nearby SA Military Medical Centre, supposedly collided with a cell tower near the airport, damaging its landing gear.

The helicopter was urged to land at the Airport as soon as the incident happened, around 3:30am. Kevin Campbell, a Captain in the San Antonio fire brigade was asked by the pilot if there was anything that could be put under the helicopter in order for it to land safely.

The firefighters brought out three mattresses from the Airport’s dormitory, and held them down with weights from the on-site gym. They were short of time, as the pilot was concerned about the lack of fuel in the helicopter.

All four people on-board the helicopter were unharmed.