Small Beds Cause Giant Problem for American Football Team

Firm Comfort Rating Symbol
Very Firm/ Extra Firm Comfort Rating SymbolHave you heard? An American Football team have been kicking up a storm after complaining about their mattresses affecting their gameplay.

The aptly named New York Giants caught the attention of the press this week after two of their defensive players had to sit out a game.

After a bad season, with complaints of stiff and sore backs, and even a serious blood clot, the team came to the conclusion that it was the beds were to blame.

One of the unaffected player was quick to pick up on the dissent in the group.
"Everybody's been complaining about their back because the beds in the dorms are fairly hard."

Another rather angry player ranted, "You can't put a damn dinosaur in a twin-sized bed ... A normal sized human jumps into a regular-sized bed and it fits perfectly. Large, big humans jump in a regular sized bed, the bed's too small."

Large American Footballer Runs Forwards on a Training PitchFor those whose careers and success rely on having perfectly honed and rested bodies, the right mattress can make a lot of difference for these men.

One thing that these guys should keep in mind, is that firmer mattresses are ideal for heavier people- but personal preference also plays a big role.

Well Giants, if you want our opinion, a healthy dose of Memory Foam to cradle and warm those stiff joints and muscles should sort you out. Maybe a Super King bed too, for maximum leg room?
Toppers are great for a short term solution, though if that firm mattress is driving you bonkers, then maybe invest in a softer (but still supportive) mattress such as the Pocket Memory Ortho 1000.

All in all- Never underestimate the power of the right mattress!

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