$100,000 Mattress Ordered By Mystery Celeb

The Toronto International Film Festival was on this weekend, and with Celebrities flocking to Toronto in their thousands to attend, there will always be a few diva requests in such high-ego settings.

However, the usual diva-demands was replaced by a more extravagant- but maybe more useful request, of a $99,900 Mattress.

The Mattress in question in the Hästens Vividus Mattress, handmade by Swedish company Hästens.
This mattress, made from natural materials like horse hair, cotton, flax, and wool; takes 140-160 hours to make, and is manufactured using traditional Swedish craftsmanship.

The prestigious Hazelton Hotel- a popular choice with the stars attending the festival, revealed that one of the celebrities staying for the festival had ordered this Mattress- but wouldn't say who it was...

If you have slightly less money to spend on a mattress than Mr/Ms Unnamed Celebrity, then you will be pleased to hear that Mattressman offer a wide price range of mattresses, from £50 to £3000.

The most expensive and luxurious Mattress we offer is the Princess by Hypnos in 7" x 7" Size at £2963, which has sumptuous layers of natural fillings like cotton, lambswool, silk, and cashmere.
With a superb Pocket Spring system for excellent and balanced support and divine comfort.

We can't help but feel slightly sorry for Mr/Mrs Unnamed Celeb- at a quarter of the price, they could have gotten the Princess: a bigger mattress, with pocket springs, hand tufts, and luxury cotton, lambswool, cashmere, and silk fillings!

Not to mention saved themselves Hästens 6 month manufacture and delivery wait- we do Free Next Day Delivery!

So, next time you are looking for a more luxurious mattress, keep us in mind- we have a wide and varied range of high-quality mattresses.
And nothing over $100,000. That's a promise!

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