Unlucky Student Hit By Falling Mattress

Think you've had a bad day? Spare a thought for unlucky Jesse Sid Owen, a New York college student who was walking to a lecture when a mattress dropped from the sky and knocked him unconscious.

Fortunately, this mattress happened to be a futon mattress- a much lighter and softer type of mattress than your usual spring filled affair.

The falling mattress- thought to have dropped from a building 30 feet up- hit the unlucky passer by on the head, and knocked him unconscious. Passers by quickly rushed to his aid, and before long he was moved on top of the mattress and tended to, before being taken to the hospital.

'I was knocked out, I don't know for how long. I was awoken by people were putting me up on the mattress, including one man who I think worked for the Stock Exchange."

Jesse Scott Owen Laying Unconscious On Mattress Surrounded By Public

Luckily, the victim was relatively unharmed but for a sprained neck and potential herniated disk, and found the whole incident rather amusing.

He wasted no time in taking his twitter to quip "In a neck brace #likeaboss", and "I keep my wallet in my front pocket, and still, tragedy strikes. #fallingmattress"

‘When I first Googled it to see if anyone had written about this I tried searching “boy hit by mattress wall street” and that didn't work. So I tried 'man hit by mattress' and your story came up. I was psyched. “That's right, I'm a man now! They said it was a man knocked out on the sidewalk.”’

Although the mattress may've hurt his neck, we're glad to see his funnybone remained intact!