Mattressman Features On Planet Norfolk!

A new reality show, following in the footsteps of The Only Way Is Essex, Geordie Shore, and Made In Chelsea has hit the muddy shores of our very own Norfolk!

Planet Norfolk is a brand new TV series about the the people who live and work in Norfolk, with a highlight on the bright business brains and vibrant personalities at the forefront of the community, and working to dispel the myths that Norfolk folk are all a bunch of 'carrot crunchers'!

With four episodes at present, Planet Norfolk has shown a range of characters and businesses- with the Mattressman delivery men (and somehow, a baby!) featuring in episode 3.

With the episodes in six 30-minute 'webisodes', the show is the perfect bite-sizes to enjoy with a cup of tea and a carrot....I mean biscuit!

With Mattressman employees expected to pop up more in future episodes, we are looking forward to showcasing more of the high-jinks that go on within the Mattressman sphere!