Mattressman - How Did They Do It?

"All About Mattressman" text, and flying Mattressman image

Do you ever look at a large, successful company and think- "How did they do it?".

It seems so often that companies just appear from nowhere - a readymade machine, successful and well-known.

But behind every big brand is a long story of an good idea, planning, and plenty of hard work...

Founded in 2004 by Andrew Kerry, a local entrepreneur with a background in furniture, seeing the power of the internet and it's expanding place in society, he had a simple thought: "Why not Mattresses?"

Overcoming the challenge of transporting mattresses without any damage happening to the mattress along the way was difficult, and was a giant hurdle to overcome for Mattressman to function as a company.

After a lot of experimentation, Andrew invented the Mattress Box, a special reinforced cardboard box which can withstand long journeys and protecting the mattress inside.
With the newly invented mattress box, the possibilities exploded, and thus Mattressman was born.

Shipping to all across the UK become possible, with Next Day Delivery made easy by delivery company Night Freight, the business was catapulted into success.

In 2005, the super-catchy Mattressman jingle was debuted, and this - along with a regular place in local advertising - cemented it's place as a successful and well known business in East Anglia, and it's online presence was growing through the UK.

After a few years of manic success, Mattressman struggled to keep up with the brand that was growing so fast, and in 2007, moved in to new larger offices, employed more staff, and also opened a string of mattress stores around East Anglia.

When the recession hit in 2008, the importance of keeping prices low was made starkly visible to all companies who wanted to survive, and so Mattressman saw this danger and managed to keep prices low to weather the storm.

Growing from strength to strength every year, and expanding their product range to pillows, duvets, headboards, bed frames, divans, bedroom furniture, and much more; Mattressman now have 11 stores around East Anglia, and have been awarded with Sunday Times Fast Track award in 2009 as ‘Britain’s 6th Fastest Growing Company, as well as the Eastern Daily Press E-Commerce Initiative Award in October of 2011.
So, that's our story. It just goes to show that even when something seems impossible, with a little thought, lots of experimentation, and the ability to 'bounce back' - the impossible can be achieved.