Drunk Policeman Put To Bed By Prisoner

A policeman from Leeds must be feeling very sheepish after he passed out drunk and was put to bed... by the prisoner he was minding.

PC Danny Dance was doing the night shift at Millgarth station in Leeds, when after drinking a bottle of whiskey, he fell off his desk and onto the floor.

'I got drunk. I was sat on the custody desk and I fell off. That is the last I recall of the night. When I woke up I was in the holing cell and it was the next day...I recall Chapman later saying words to the effect: "Fancy being put to bed by the prisoner".'

Karl Chapman, the inmate, was being held in custody when his supervising officer passed out drunk, and Chapman put him to bed in his cell.

PC Dance was not punished for the incident, which came to light after investigations about treatment of a police informant.

I bet that was one hell of a hangover....