Introducing: B-Nott

To B-Nott, or not to B-Nott? That is the question...

A brand new bedding company has hit our shores, by the name of B-Nott.

A branch from the MITSA group, B-Nott specialise in a range of Smart fabrics designed with creating the perfect sleeping micro-climate. 

With sustainability and responsible production at the forefront of what they do, B-Nott have been given a number of awards meriting their efforts in responsible manufacture, such as the Eco Label Award and The Principles of Responsible Care.

B-Nott Duvet Information Label

The range uses a mix of fabrics such as the naturally soft and absorbent Tencel, and Suprelle- a synthetic fabric which is extremely warm, breathable and quick-drying.

Making use of a mix of fabrics such as Tencel, derived from plant-based cellulose, and extremely soft and absorbent; and Suprelle, a synthetic fibre which is breathable, warm and quick drying.

Tests have proven that a duvet made with Tencel and Suprelle will have 57% more moisture vapour absorbency than a normal duvet, and therefore are excellent at reducing humidity, whilst still keeping warmth.

To see B-Notts range of Pillows and duvets on, click here.

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