It's National Doodle Day!

As you can see, we are a talented bunch here at Mattressman, as we all take a few minutes out of our busy day to scribble our interpretation of our favourite mattress mascot -- the Mattress Man; for National Doodle Day.

So, we will leave you to browse our artistic efforts, and to wonder at this incredible thing we call "art".

N.B. Some of our staff appear to have confused 'Doodle' for 'Life Drawing' and have such added unnecessary bodily detail to Mattressman. Any offending appendages have been (subtly) censored, for Mattress Man's modesty, and your viewing enjoyment.

We'd love to know which one you think is your favourite. Post your winner on our Facebook page, or you can tweet us:

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Most importantly, if you would like to donate some money to the charity, you can go their webpage here:

Freddie's interpretation of The Healthopaedic Gladiator 1000
A brilliant caricature of one of our more popular mattresses, the Healthopaedic 'Gladiator 1000' by Freddie.

Leanne's interpretation of Mattressman
Leanne highlighting Mattressman's Speedy Delivery
Connie's interpretation of Mattressman (censored)
Mattressman seems to very cheerful in this. We're going to call this the "Prince Harry" mattress..
Freddie's interpretation of Mattressman getting Therapy
Mattressman receiving some Orthopaedic therapy from Johnny Depp

Martins interpretation of Mattressman
Mattressman has been having some late nights..

Nathan's interpretation of Mattressman
Mattressman's been hitting the gym..

Steve's interpretation of Mattressman
An over stuffed Mattressman..

Sarah's interpretation of Mattressman
Mattressman destroying Dreams..

Paul's interpretation of Mattressman
I think Mattressman needs to do some leg work, in this picture..

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