Man Invents The 'Daydreamer Desk'

Man sits at Desk with mattress-style padded cover, with a pencil poked into the soft surface

"I'll just write this bit up..... send an quick email..... mustn't forget to ring Steve about that new client....."

Our working lives can be full of tasks and things to do from start to finish - it sometimes seems as if there are only just enough minutes in the day to squeeze it all in.

This being the case, sometimes a quick break can be invaluable in our day to give us some perspective and refresh our brain.

With this in mind, New York Inventor Nick DeMarco has invented what he calls the "Daydreamer Desk"

The desk is topped with a soft foam mattress and fabric cover, with a small wooden block where a pen and paper, or perhaps cup of coffee, can be placed.

DeMarco hopes that this will encourage a 'laid back attitude to work and life', and says that the Daydreamer Desk suggests that thoughtful daydreaming, introspection, and brain work is just as important as any other task that could be completed at ones desk.

Hear, hear!

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Girl sleeps at mattress-topped desk

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