Oscar Worthy Beds

Super King Brown Bed With TV Station in FootendIt was an eventful day yesterday at the Oscars, with Argo and Silver Linings both winning academy awards, Jennifer Lawrence picking up Best Actress, and Daniel Day-Lewis winning Best Actor.

A celebratory and joyous night, celebrities flocked to the venue in their hundreds, and enjoyed an evening of glamour and spectacle.

With plethora of film stars out, some Memorable Moments include Jennifer Lawrence tripping up the stairs when going to receive her award, William Shatner making a surprise appearance, and Adele performing her winning single from the latest bond film, Skyfall.

After this star-studded event, and the numerous after-parties, the celebrities retreated to their hotels and homes, which got us thinking about the type of luxury beds they must be going back to...

'Princess' Luxury Natural Mattress by HypnosSurely the temptation of watching yourself on the highlights must be irresistible, and with a super-chic TV Bed, this can be done with style- whilst tucked up in your onesie with some tea and toast (or perhaps a celebratory champagne...)

Of course, the mattress an Oscar Winner sleeps on can only be the highest luxury- the Princess by Hypnos is one of our most desirable mattresses, made from luxury natural fibres like lambswool, cashmere, silk and fine cotton. Built to last and last, it sends you off to the land of nod in the best of style and comfort.