The Ostrich Pillow

Now, the loyal Mattressman fans out there would have seen that we blogged about the 'Daydreamer Desk' yesterday.

Us curious folks at Mattressman HQ loved this idea, of course, but thought there must be a more efficient way of achieving sleep at work.. or maybe even anywhere? Our friend Nelly from the Guestlist Network then told us about the invention we had been looking for... Ladies and Gentleman, we give you the Ostrich Pillow! 

The Ostrich Pillow
Now, the 'Daydreamer Desk' was perfect for those at work or in their study, but what about the commuters of the world? Train headrests are always a little bit dirty, and we all know how small the tables are; the Ostrich Pillow completely cures this modern-age problem. Late night train back to Manchester from London? Kip on the train in total comfort. Plane journey from San Francisco to London? Be the envy of all the passengers as you fall asleep and wake up in London without noticing the journey.. 

We really love the hand holes at the top of the pillow, allowing you to keep your hands warm too! 

Sometimes we all need a power nap

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