Red Z Sale - Day 3

Day 3 of the Red Z sale.. We hope some of you have managed to find a great deal. Here are a couple more products for you to look at from one of our best-selling manufactures, Healthopaedic. Hopefully you're all having a great weekend, too.

Latex Pocket 1000 from Healthopaedic
The Latex Pocket 1000 mattress features, as the name implies, Latex. This is one of the luxury materials that can be used with mattresses, providing the comfort of memory foam but without the warmth.  Healthopaedic's unique Pressure Sense Foam and 1000 pocket combination make this one of the comfiest mattresses on the market. The Pressure Sense Foam is non-heat retentive, and is designed to give a weightless feeling. With a 15% offer, this is sure to sell fast, so make sure you grab it quick!

Zero Gravity 1000 from Healthopaedic
The Zero Gravity 1000 mattress is a popular choice amongst Mattressman employees, and for good reason. The Zero Gravity foam is a new filling that provides a weightless feeling, and as with the Latex Pocket 1000 above, the combination of the foam and pocket springs produces a superb mattress. The pocket springs provide support in the key spinal areas, and also give you individual support thanks to each spring being encased in its own fabric pocket. This is a huge advantage over an open coil system, where roll-together can also occur.

The other big selling point for the Zero Gravity mattress is its use of Tencel. Tencel is made from eco-friendly materials and has temperature regulating properties. It also gives a soft feel, whilst being breathable and naturally anti-bacterial.

As with the Latex Pocket 1000, this is sure to be a popular choice for customers during the sale, so we recommend getting in whilst stocks last!

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