Are these "Bedshaped" Pillows Simply "A Bad Dream"?

Pillowcases with lyrics from KEANE printed onto them
If you're a fan of the piano rock band Keane (or simply like pillows), you will want to take a look at these little beauties.

Taking 2 of their songs with bed or sleep related lyrics, the guys have cleverly created a set of lyrical pillowcases, with the lyrics of their songs printed onto the surface of the pillowcase.

Fans can buy the pillowcase set with the lyrics of 'A Bad Dream' and 'Bedshaped', with the handwritten lyrics printed onto the cotton pillowcase; perfect for warbling along to in the comfort of your own bed, perhaps with a glass of wine.

Pillowcases are available through their website, along with other various band memorabilia.

We'd like to imagine frontman Tom uses this before gigs to transfer the lyrics into his brain via osmosis...