Happy St George's Day!

Poster with old british sayings

St George's Day - a day where we can celebrate the things that we love about this little bit of land that we call England.

So today we are having a celebration of all things ENGLISH!

Our way of lives here in the UK carry years of tradition in the things we do and say; below are a few catchphrases you may be aware of, and their history that you might not be so familiar with!

Bob's Your Uncle
This dates back to 1887, where the Prime Minister at the time, Robert Cecil, needed to appoint a Chief Secretary for Ireland. Out of a selection of well qualified people Robert decided to elect his nephew, Arthur Balfour. The people of Britain regarded this appointment with some disdain, and the phrase "Bob's your uncle" became common as a sarcastic phrase to basically say, everything will be alright for you.

Paint the Town Red
This much-used phrase often refers to a night out on the town, filled with fun and mischief. A notorious hooligan in the 1830's called Marquis of Waterford (better known as Mad-Marquis) known for his mad stunts; one of which where he and two other trouble-makers dressed in red and painted a few buildings red, including the face of an unfortunate man who tried to stop him.

It's All Gone Pear Shaped
If something has gone pear shaped, it's gone wrong! 
The phrase has been used in ballooning to refer to the shape of a collapsed balloon, as well as in the 1940's and 50's whilst training aircraft pilots - whilst performing ariel manoeuvres such as loops, these would often go wrong during training, and make more of a pear shape.

So, Ta-Ta to you all on this fine day, and make sure you have a ball today - and why not check out some of our British Bed Company mattresses and divans, made right here in old Blighty! 

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