Red Z Sale: Day 34

Sealy Millionaire Luxury Mattress in the Red Z Sale

The Millionaire Luxury by Sealy is our featured product today in the Red Z Sale.

This luxurious looking mattress has a sumptuous pillow top atop the main mattress - stuffed with soft fibres, an extra layer of softness for additional comfort.

With Sealy's own Posture Tech 620 spring system to disperse weight evenly throughout the body, and a foam base with varying densities in key areas, to provide a 'zoned support', this helps eliminate tossing and turning.

The soft knitted cover stretches as the mattress moulds to the body, and vents along the border of the mattress allow for easy airflow throughout the mattress.

With the code REDZ15, this fabulous mattress has 15% off - brilliant value for money!

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