Spanish Company Invents The "Mattress Bank"

My Mattress Savings Bank - mattress with inbuilt safe

A Spanish company has come up with a novel idea for those who want to keep their hard earned stash somewhere a bit closer to home.

Enter 'My Mattress Savings Bank' - a tongue in cheek, yet practical solution to the Spanish banking crisis that has resulted in the decision to raid savings accounts of large savers.

Paco Santos, the creator, came up with the idea as an antidote to the unstable nature of the Spanish banks, and the publics desire to their money safe and away from grabbing hands.

"Banks are in the headlines now because of Cyprus, but in Spain we have known how dangerous they can be for several years. People were starting to say it was better to keep it under your mattress."

The mattresses has been in high demand since sales started, even though sales in the slumber sector have been down more than 50%.

The tongue-in-cheek advertisement advises punters to 'keep your money close - and far from the bank!'