Don't Mix Sunburn and Memory Foam!

Man laying in bed with large sunburn across his back

NEWSFLASH! This weekend in Britain, the nation experienced a very unusual phenomenon called 'sun'.

This sudden happening of 'sun' caused the Nation to drop everything, take off all their clothes, and lie on the ground, soaking up the rays from this strange yellow orb.

Unfortunately for these sun-starved Brits, in their haste to get their craved quotient of heat, a rather painful side-effect loomed in those harmless looking rays.


Undetectable whilst basking, but screamingly apparent when you lie down at night, sunburn usually presents itself most ferociously when the body naturally slows down to sleep, making the burn seem so much worse.

This is additionally worse for those with a memory foam mattress. The very nature of Memory Foam means it absorbs the body's heat, and moulds around the shape in response to the heat. Normally this just creates a snug pocket of warmth, however with sunburn this is more like being in an extremely fiery inferno.

So, if your back is the colour of a tomato, and your memory foam mattress is adding to the fire, we have devised a solution to make sleep a more pleasant affair for those with a memory foam mattress.

Firstly cool the burn by whatever way works best. Many families have handed-down remedies such as vinegar, tomato, aloe vera, calamine lotion - whichever works best for you, slap it on thick and fast.

Then you will need to prepare your bed for a cool night sleep. Shake your duvet out to let cool air into it, lay it atop the mattress - then lay ON the duvet instead of inside it - and cover yourself with a sheet or light throw (cotton is advised) .... and voila! The barrier between the Memory Foam and sunburn is reduced by the duvet, and is absorbed by this instead, instead of reflecting it! 

Other course, we sell a range of products for the sun-worshipers & serial burners out there who need regular cooling ... some of our products that offer cooling properties are latex pillows (some people even lay on these, with the burnt area underneath) duvets with climate control, as well as cooling latex and natural cotton mattresses.

And next time... don't forget the suncream!

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