How To Keep Cool In The Summer

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The summer's on it's way, which means warmer nights, and time to banish the warm woolies to the back of the wardrobe,

Getting to sleep as the temperature rises can be hard. Warming up when your cold in the winter is easily done, but keeping cool and comfortable in the summer months can be more of a struggle.

So why not make things a bit easier for yourself this year, and spend a bit of time preparing your bedroom for the hotter months?

The first thing you need to do is assess what you already have, and what it's good for. If you have a fabulously thick and warm duvet perfect for winter, but which gets too much in the summer, it could be worth investing in a summer duvet.

Any extra sheets or throws should be removed, to prevent too much heat being trapped.
Materials like cotton are perfect for absorbing humid air, so if your pillowcase or sheet is a polyester, swap it for a cotton or polycotton blend.

Tog is a measurement of duvet thickness, with 3 being the coolest, and 15 the warmest.

Duvets with SMART fabrics such as Tencel and Suprelle have increased absorbency and breathability - a Summer duvet from B Nott boasts a moisture uptake of 57% more than a regular duvet, meaning an amazingly cool and fresh bed.

So if you find yourself kicking off wooly blankets in favour of something a bit lighter, why not check out our duvet range to find the perfect bedcovers for the summer.

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