Introducing The HoodiePillow!

So we've had the Ostrich Pillow, The Daydreamer Desk, and now a new crazy pillow has arrived... the HoodiePillow!

This "hooded pillowcase" comes in two varieties - the hooded pillowcase, and the travel hooded pillow.

First up - the HoodiePillow.

Fashioned from a soft polycotton, this pillow aims to bring a more snuggly laying experience.

The pillowcase comes with two drawstrings to tighten the hood and shut out any offending light, a handy pocket to stick your mp3 player, and a headphone porthole to keep tangled earphone wires at bay.

Recommended for sleepy teens, students, night workers and loungers, the HoodiePillow promises to provide ultimate "cocoonification".

However, for the more on-the-go types, there is the Travel HoodiePillow...

The Travel HoodiePillow is for the movers and shakers of the world - this time the hood is attached to an inflatable neck pillow.

Perfect for those on the go - but who still need their comfort - the travel HoodiePillow comes with drawstrings similar to the non-travel version, to draw the pillow snugly around the neck, and hide your sleep-face from any fellow passengers.

With both pillows under $25, and available in a range of colours, sleeping on the go can be done in comfort and true modern style...