New Mattress Protectors on Mattressman!

If you need a protector for your mattress, why not take a look at some of the new ones on our site?

Mattress protectors are vital for not only protecting your mattress, but prolonging its lifespan. A mattress protector can prevent staining, wear and tear, and arrival of of dust mites and bacteria.

First is the Value Luxury Quilted Mattress Protector from Protect-A-Bed. This protector has soft layers of fillings to pad the mattress as well as protect it from dust, liquid, and wear. With an elasticated border, this allows the protector to be put on and off easily for easy washing. Allowing a mattress to 'breathe' is really important, so this protector allows plenty of air to circulated and flow through the fabric.

The Hygiene Plus mattress protector from Slumberfleece has a unique double-action system that prevents bacteria, mould, and dust mites from entering the mattress. This can protect against the harmful spores that cause common allergies such as Asthma, Eczema, and Rhinitis. Washable, and quilted for extra comfort, this protector is also elasticated to aid removal and application.

Lastly of the protectors is the Tender Touch Tencel Protector. Made from the amazing SMART fabric Tencel, this is a fabric that is highly breathable, and has the softness of silk. The use of Tencel in a mattress protector means that it protects from dust and bacteria, and has an extremely lightweight feel. Tencel absorbs moisture quicker than most fabrics, and then releases it quickly into the atmosphere.

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