Kaymed Revolutionize Bedding With "K3 Gel"

An exciting new technology from Kaymed hopes to eliminate uncomfortable pressure points and provide the perfect night's sleep, by using a gel layer to provide a cooling, massaging effect.

Their new patented K3 Gel is a unique layer of gel cubes within the mattress, which offer complete support by flexing to the shape of the sleeping body.

K3 Gel cubes yield and mould exactly to the shape of the body, providing essential support to every centimetre of the body, thus holding in it's perfect sleep posture, without any pressure building up on the hips or shoulders - common areas to suffer from lack of support.

The cubed air pockets also offer a temperature-neutral sleep, as warm air and moisture is carried into the hollows away from the body, allowing fresh, cool air to circulate freely. This prevents any extremes of temperature, as even a few degrees above or below optimal can cause sleep to become disrupted.

The combination of pressure, temperature, and humidity relief offers a highly relaxing and comfortable night's sleep - and one that can be of great benefit to ones health.

They have incorporated this technology into the Ultimate Gel 1800 mattress, which, along with the K3 Innovation, also offers 1800 pocket springs to fully support the weight of the body throughout the depth of the mattress.

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