A Super Mattress is Born!

The British Bed Company have been hard at work creating an unusually large bed for one of their customers.

Two mattresses linked into a large 7ft mattress, with factory workers heads poking out from the end

This monster mattress - a huge 7' by 7' - was custom-build for a customer who needed something a bit more specialist.

Consisting of two Zip & Link mattresses (this is where a zip runs down the middle of each mattress, allowing them to be joined together or taken apart at convenience), the Duke is a luxury mattress, with a firm tension, comfort rating 9, 2000 pocket springs, and is lavishly stuffed with luxury fillings - cashmere, silk, wool and cotton. A Bulldog Border lends fantastic edge-to-edge support, so that the mattress stays rigid and holds it's shape for years to come.

Zip and Link mattresses are perfect for hotels and other such establishments, as they can be taken apart to make twin beds, or zipped together to make the Emperor size.

For all your big or small mattress needs, we have a Special Sizes page, where you can pick the custom size you need for your bed.
For more info on the British Bed Company, click here!

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