Man Proposes Using Bed Sheets

In the bottom of a champagne glass? On one knee? In a local ad? There are tonnes of inventive and romantic ways to propose to your loved one - but here's the big question popped in a way we haven't seen before...

25 year old Clifton Smith from America got his father to mow an acre long heart shape in his girlfriend's field, where he then arranged bed sheets within the heart, to spell the words; "Will You Marry Me?"

A field with a heart shape patch mowed out, with the message 'will you marry me?' arranged using white sheets

The loving boyfriend - now fiance - had to travel all over town to collect enough bed sheets, which he then cut into 15 foot long letters, spelling out his special message.

He then took his girlfriend on a small plane over the farm, where she could see the message - and accepted the proposal.

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