New Running Shoes Put A Spring In Your Step

Blue running shoes in action
The Preston Running Shoes promise to put a spring in your step.

 Inventors can get their inspiration from unlikely places. While some people opt for a walk in nature, or a trip to a gallery to get new ideas, it seems like the creator of the new Preston running shoe took a more laid-back approach when designing their new footwear; because these shoes were inspired by the humble mattress.

Buddying up with Yorkshire mattress company Harrison Spinks, Biomechanics Professor Jim Richards took inspiration from a high-end pocket sprung mattress, and aimed to create a running shoe with the qualities that the pocket sprung mattress give to the body.
The shoes themselves house small, ultra lightweight micro springs are housed in individual pockets to mould to the shape of the foot, reduce impact, and give a 'bounce-back' feeling.

A technical breakdown of a running shoe, showing a layer with mini pocket springs.
The designers have invented a new shoe with mini mattress pocket springs in the sole, to protect runners from injury.

‘Despite the advances in running shoe technology, there is a still a huge problem of injury. What’s different about The Preston, is the spring technology combined with the damper. If you had a car suspension with just a damper and no spring in it then you’d have a very bumpy ride. Therefore, having a shoe that incorporates both provides a much improved shock absorbing system.'

‘We will also be able to tweak the arrangement for each individual runner, which is particularly important because everyone has a different running style and physiology that impacts on their risk of different types of injury'

The shoes will be launched by Intersport later in 2013.