Signed Mattress Is Taken Into Council Chamber

Opposers of the Bedroom Tax proposition found a novel and eye catching way to make their message heard loud and clear... by using a mattress to get their message across.

Four people crouch around a mattress with writing on it 'No To Bedroom Tax' is writted in big letters
Members of Northampton People's Assembly and Occupy with their unorthodox petition. 

A large mattress was dragged through the streets by members of Northampton People's Assembly and Occupy Northampton, and was signed by over 100 people, with various thoughts and messages about the government, and bedroom tax.

Unfortunately, the hard work of the People was not received with open arms by the council. “We took it to the council chamber by it was taken out by security staff. We didn’t feel it was properly received. Nothing was said.”

The writing-covered mattress is taken into the council chamber, where security can be seen taking it out
The Mattress was taken into the Council Chamber, and promptly removed by Security.

Despite their efforts, the Northampton Borough Council refused to accept the mattress as a petition, and disposed of the mattress, citing the fact there were no names and addresses on the mattress to constitute a proper petition.

Nevertheless, a good effort from the people, and an inventive use for a mattress if nothing else!