What Do Mattresses and Beyonce Have in Common?

Pen drawing of mattress springs doing a parody of Beyonce's iconic 'Single Ladies' dance
"If you like it then you should've put a spring on it...."

Happy 4th of July! We have decided to celebrate independence day in our own way.... by hailing the marvellous creation of pocket springs!

Why pocket springs? It just so happened that they are totally independent!

Each spring is housed in its own (ultra-fashionable) calico pocket which enables them to work independently of each other.

So if one spring is compressed, the others don't even break a sweat... they can take the pressure!
Pen diagram of a hand pushing down on mattress springs

This means that pocket springs mould around the body better, and provide a better support for the sleeper.

Pocket springs are also ideal for those sleeping with partners - these 'single ladies' dont stand for any of that roll-together nonsense and hold both sleepers in their preferred sleeping position; no matter the weight difference.

Check out our pocket sprung mattresses - we sell the popular memory foam types, as well as latex and pillow top varieties! And prices that would make you go "Wo-ah oh oh, wo-ah oh oh!"...

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