Students Fake Tan Cost Landlord Thousands In (Orange) Damage

It's officially the season of the student, as the freshers celebrations rage on throughout the month of September. With parties, fancy dress, drinking, new friends and fun experiences on the menu, this is a time that is designed to give everyone a good time.

However, there's always a few who get the bum end of the deal with these kind of events. Exasperated pub owners will be subjected to endless screams of "SHOTS!". Neighbours may end up with the common but tragic 'dubstep headache". And one fed-up landlord will have to put up with students turning his beds a fetching shade of orange.

Joe Harris started to notice orange marks on his (custom made, pocket sprung - not cheap!) mattresses, initially thinking them to be body fluids or a product fault. The damage actually caused many mattresses to be chucked. The culprit? Fake tan!

Pale girl with thick, dark foundation on face

Harris first noticed, 4 years ago, the same orange patterns showing up on a load of his beds, but was perplexed as to where they were coming from.

"There is a high percentage of females out of the 400 students we house, so the incidents were much higher, and you could see the fake tanning products in nearly every room," he said.

Suspecting that Cardiff's love of fake tan would realistically not wane, Harris decided to proactively try and fix this orange, body shaped problem. Now he educates students about the problems that fake tan causes to beds, as well as switching to a different type of mattress.

"[The Mattresses] have been changed into memory foam because the covers can be removed and washed or replaced, although we still have some where the colour has gone right through and ruined the whole thing.
"We try to educate the students and it has been quite successful because three years ago we had 220 mattress covers ruined, but this year that's dropped to 147."

Harris was realistic about the problem being completed eliminated though.
"There are quite a few orange coloured people walking around Cardiff," he added.

(Lovers of the bronze-stuff- wear loose-fitting pyjamas, and most importantly: use a mattress protector!)