5 New Memory Foam Mattresses on Mattressman

Today we have, not one... not two... but FIVE brand new memory foam mattresses on our website and in store from Breasley!

Memory Foam Mattress -product picture
Bronze Memory
For memory foam on a budget, this mattress offers 25mm of memory foam on a supportive base of reflex foam. A knitted cover gives a soft and stretchy surface to the foam, allowing the mattress to breathe and stay fresh.

Memory foam mattress product photo
Silver Memory
This is a step up from the Bronze, with double the amount of memory foam. This gives a greater support and moulds around the body even more comfortably. A stretchy knitted cover allows the mattress to circulate air and release humidity built-up. 

Memory Foam Mattress - quilted cover
Gold Memory
A sumptuous 20cm deep, this mattress has a 25mm layer of high density memory foam, for a higher quality feel. A base of stiffened reflex foam helps provide structural support, and the knitted stretch cover allows the mattress to breathe, reducing heat and humidity build up.

Memory Foam mattress - quilted cover
Platinum Memory
Excellent value for money, this has a 37° cover, which is designed to keep the body at it's optimal sleeping temperature. A luxurious 25mm of high density memory foam gives an extremely luxurious feel, and a stiffened reflex core gives it structural support.

Memory Foam Mattress, quilted cover
Platinum Deluxe Memory
With a very deep feel, this has a unique Cocona cover, which uses natural coconut fibres to filter out moisture and odour, keeping the mattress fresh, clean and cool. 50mm of high grade memory foam lends a very opulent feel, with excellent moulding properties. A reflex foam base gives additional support to the body.

All these mattresses come vacuum packed for easy transportation, so you can easily take it to the room where it's needed.

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