Sealy & Silentnight Get On Board With New Geltex Material

Move over memory foam; there's a new innovation in town!

Inventing brains Reticel have developed a new type of bedding material which promises to deliver the ultimate in sleeping comfort.
The name? Geltex!

Geltex uses gel molecules, foam crystals and air cells to create the optimal sleeping surface. The result is a soft, springy, and cool gel-foam.
The open cell structure means air can flow through it, meaning throughout the depth of the mattress, fresh air can circulate fully. This allows the body to rest at a consistent temperature, without any fluctuations - overheating or getting too cold can cause difficulty falling, and staying asleep.

With as many as 75% of the population failing to get a good night's sleep, being comfortable plays a huge part in this. Pressure relief with Geltex uses the unique combination of materials to flex and mould to the body, exactly where the support is needed.

Distributing your body weight evenly across the mattress, Geltex helps relieve aches and pains by reducing painful pressure points. By distributing the bodyweight evenly, key areas like the hips and shoulders are fully supported and so do not build up any painful pressure points.

With similarities to memory foam and latex, in that it always returns to its original shape, Geltex gives a soft yet supportive surface. The bounce-back feel provides both comfort and posture alignment.

With this new technology being brought to both Silentnight and Sealy, we can expect to see some exciting innovations from these two companies very soon.

Mattressman now stock a range of Silentnight Geltex mattresses.

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