New Geltex Mattresses on Mattressman

Technical picture of Geltex mattress inside

A few months ago we reported on Silentnight's newest innovative material - Geltex, a gel-based foam created by Silentnight, designed to provide optimimum sleeping conditions for the body.

Now, we're happy to announce our first new Geltex products on Mattressman!

The Affinity 1000, 1350, and 1850 all contain Geltex, features of which include:

Divan and Mattress from Silentnight with green pillows
Geltex Affinity 1000
1000 pocket springs
Medium tension
6cm Geltex comfort layer

Divan and Mattress from Silentnight with red pilows

Geltex Affinity 1350
1350 pocket springs
Firm tension
6cm Geltex layer

Divan and pillow topped mattress from Silentnight

Geltex Affinity 1850
1850 pocket springs
Medium/soft tension
8cm Geltex layer

Keep an eye out for more new products on Mattressman this month!

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