Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Treat Yourself to a Decade of Good Sleep With a Hypnos Mattress

They’re bedmakers to the Queen, are one of just 50 furniture companies awarded the prestigious Manufacturing Guild Mark, and have drawn national attention after their mention by Lenny Henry in the latest Premier Inn advert. There’s no doubt about it — Hypnos mattresses are among the most luxurious you can buy.

What is it that makes a Hypnos mattress so special? Here are just five of the ways you’re getting your money’s worth with a Hypnos mattress:

1) Over 100 years of experience
Hypnos was founded in Edwardian times, and the company have committed themselves to creating the highest quality bespoke mattresses ever since. They’ve been able to refine their manufacturing processes over 100 years in what they dub “the pursuit of perfection” when it comes to your sleep. This means your mattress is constructed by hand using the finest traditional methods and the very best of innovative technology, fine-tuned over a century of bedmaking.

A Hypnos master craftsman using natural fillings.

2) The highest quality fillings
Building beds from the finest natural materials is Hypnos’ forte. They pack an enormous number of fillings into their mattresses to ensure your comfort. Wool is a fantastic insulator while breathable cotton, found in all of our Hypnos mattresses, ensures that the mattress does not get too hot. Cashmere and silk are luxury fillings found at very top of the range, giving the softest, most comfortable sleeping surface.

3) Unparalleled support
Pocket sprung mattresses contain the most supportive spring system you can get. Each spring is encased in its own fabric pocket and works individually, responding only to direct pressure so that the springs mould to your body. They’re also fantastic if you share a bed, as each person can move about freely without disturbing the other.

The more turns a spring has, the more supportive it will be. Hypnos’ trademark ReActive pocket springs have up to eight active turns, making them better able to “sense” the level of support you need and seamlessly distribute weight across the mattress.

4) Outstanding durability
Hypnos mattresses have a guarantee up to five years and a warranty up to ten years against any fault in the materials or manufacturing process, so as you’d expect, they’re extremely durable. This means that, though the initial cost may be more, it’s more cost effective over time than buying a cheaper mattress.

Hypnos pride themselves on the traditional methods that have served them and their customers for years, such as hand-tufting and side stitching. Hand-tufting involves passing tapes through the mattress and securing them with tufts either side. This holds all the fillings together and creates a plush, firm sleeping surface. Never fear if you’re someone who’s bothered by the bumps hand-tufting can leave — the soft wool used to secure the tapes on Hypnos mattresses ensures that your sleep will not be disturbed.

Side stitching is a true labour of love, with the sides of the mattress being stitched by hand to the outer row of springs. It is found only in the highest quality mattresses. The more rows of side stitching, the better reinforced the mattress is. The Princess, our top-of-the-range Hypnos mattress, has three rows of side stitching for extra firm sides.

Hand side stitching — a labour of love.

5) A better night’s sleep
All of these things have contributed to Hypnos’ first-class reputation, but they also contribute to the biggest reason it’s worth your while to buy a Hypnos mattress: good sleep is priceless, and with Hypnos, you’re looking at a decade of restful nights.

At Mattressman, we’re proud to stock seven different Hypnos mattresses: the Hotel Rest Deluxe, and regular and firm models of the Baronet, Duchess and Princess. Most of our Hypnos mattresses are currently in our winter sale, which runs until 31st January.