Behind the Scenes of The Love Bed

Our Month of Love is in full swing, with an ongoing bed frame and mattress sale and our Facebook competition to win The Love Bed still open! The Love Bed is a specially commissioned fantastic new pocket sprung mattress. The dedicated and talented team over at the British Bed Company has been working hard to make sure that every detail is perfect, trying out a number of different designs and finishes to figure out exactly what works.

The Love Bed's quilted cover — with an extra-special romantic touch!

The BBC's seamsters experimented with pink handles before the final white design.

To finish off the Valentine's theme, we also commissioned a special pink divan base!

The finished divan base with a plush top for firm support and strong metal castors. The divan base will be available upholstered in many other colours as well.

The finished Love Bed, which is available for you to test in all of our stores.

So, what’s the final product? As fun as a giant pink and red heart-shaped mattress would have been, we decided we’d make our tribute to Cupid slightly easier on the eyes, dialling back the pink to just the label, while the only other special feature — visually, anyway — is the surface of plush hearts.

We love the subtle celebration of romance, but we love how it feels to sleep on even more. The Love Bed is a pocket sprung mattress, with a massive 1000 springs in a king size. Each spring is encased in its own fabric pocket and moves independently of its neighbours. Because the springs respond only to direct pressure, they’re able to mould to the body, perfectly supporting you in your natural sleeping position. And since it could hardly be called The Love Bed if it didn’t guarantee couples a restful night’s sleep, pocket springs also prevent partner disturbance, one of the primary causes of sleep disruption. A 50cm layer of high grade memory foam sits on top of the springs, providing additional comfort and support, and it’s all topped off with a thick, quilted cover that gives the mattress a gel-like feel.

The mattress is medium-firm in tension and rated 8 out of 9 for comfort. It’s one of the thickest mattresses we stock at 32cm, but has handles to make it easier to move. Vented borders ensure that air is able to circulate, keeping the mattress cool during the night.

The Love Bed is available to buy both on its own at just £349 for a double mattress and as a set with either a matching divan base or an upholstered velvet base as shown in the picture. If you find the pink pictured here a bit overwhelming, you can get the divan base upholstered in a huge range of colours, with matching headboards available.

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