Last Chance to Grab a Bargain in Our Month of Love Mattress Sale!

The Month of Love is drawing to a close. We hope you’ve enjoyed our fantastic mattress sale, and that you’ve fallen as hard for our specially commissioned Love Bed as we have! We also hope you’ve enjoyed the posts here, as we’ve got one more for you before February ends! Since it is the Month of Love, what more fitting way to finish it than by telling you about some of the mattresses we love best?

The Hypnos range
Hypnos mattresses have recently gained recognition as the mattress brand used in Premier Inns across the country. But their credentials go a lot further than that — they’ve held the Royal Warrant for over 80 years and are currently bedmakers to the Queen. Their commitment to high quality extends beyond the use of the finest materials, such as wool, cashmere and silk; each Hypnos mattress is lovingly assembled by expert craftspeople who use traditional techniques such as hand-tufting and side stitching to reinforce the mattress and bring it up to the highest standards. The result is pure luxury that you’re sure to swoon over!

The Silent Night Geltex range
Yes, we’ve mentioned it a lot before, so this is really just in case you haven’t been swayed yet! Geltex mattresses are filled with a unique material that combines gel molecules, foam crystals and air cells. Geltex mattresses are designed to target the most common causes of sleep disruption, ensuring you have a restful night. The open cell structure of Geltex makes it extremely breathable, preventing the uncomfortable buildup of heat. The elasticity of the gel allows Geltex to mould to your contours to provide perfect support. The flexible gel foam also evenly distributes body weight and relieves pressure, aiding circulation and helping to prevent sore joints. What’s not to love?

The Sealy Madeleine 1200
The Madeleine 1200 is another mattress we’ve talked about before, and for good reason! This Sealy mattress was named a Which? Best Buy last year, as the panelists found it to be the most durable pocket sprung mattress of the nine that they tested. 1200 pocket springs make up the base, while the filling of Innergetic latex works in a similar way to memory foam, moulding to your body to support you in your natural sleeping position. If you haven’t yet fallen for foam, this could be the mattress that changes everything!

The Breasley memory foam range
From the Bronze Memory, perfect for children or ideal for occasional use, to the Titanium Deluxe Memory, which earns the highest comfort rating of 9 with its massive 90mm of memory foam, there’s something for everyone in the Breasley mattress range! For your convenience, every Breasley foam mattress arrives vacuum packed, making it easy for you to move the mattress to the room of your choice. Truly showing off the versatility of memory foam, this range is sure to have the mattress for you!

The British Bed Company range
We’ve already talked a lot about The Love Bed, a plush pocket sprung mattress with a thick memory foam filling, which we commissioned from the British Bed Company especially for the Month of Love. While the Love Bed will continue to sell, we’d be wrong to not mention the rest of the British Bed Company range. What we love about the British Bed Company is that there really is something for everyone. With the British Bed Company, you can fall head over heels for memory foam orthopaedic mattresses, high-end pocket sprung mattresses, and much more at a fantastic price!

These are just some of our favourite products, but if they aren’t grabbing your attention, you still have time left to find a mattress you adore in our Month of Love sale!

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