We're Besotted With The Love Bed!

In honour of Valentine’s Day, here at Mattressman we’ve designated February our Month of Love! To make it extra special, we’ve commissioned the British Bed Company to create The Love Bed, a pocket sprung mattress with 50mm memory foam and a thick layer of supersoft quilting on top, which is now available both to buy and as the fantastic prize in our Facebook competition. You’re sure to be truly enamoured!

The Love Bed looks luxuriously comfortable even before lying on it, as the thick layer of high grade memory foam is complemented by a sumptuous quilted cover. The tack and jump method used creates a really plush surface. Actually lying on it doesn’t disappoint — The Love Bed is reminiscent of a Sealy mattress, with an almost gel-like feel that makes it soft and cosy without compromising on support. Back, side and stomach sleeping are all comfortable, without pressure building under key areas such as the hips and shoulders.

Memory foam and a plush quilted cover form a luxurious sleeping surface.

Pocket sprung mattresses are renowned for the outstanding level of support they offer. The Love Bed’s base is comprised of 1000 springs encased in individual fabric pockets, each working independently of its neighbours so that it responds only to the pressure placed directly on it, making the spring system mould perfectly to your contours. The mattress earns its medium-firm rating with a good push back from the springs, meaning every part of the body is gently supported.

Memory foam further increases the support of the mattress. Used in many orthopaedic mattresses, it moulds to the body and cradles the user in their natural sleeping position. The increasingly popular combination of pocket springs and memory foam is one of the most supportive you can get.

So, The Love Bed measures up when it comes to support and comfort, but how practical is it?

As you’d hope given its name, The Love Bed is fantastic for couples. Because pocket springs respond only to direct pressure, two people can move about on or climb off the bed without disturbing each other.

It’s built to last, with rod edging and a quilted cover to hold the fillings in place. As is common with pocket sprung mattresses, The Love Bed is quite heavy and should only be moved with help, especially as, at 32cm, it’s one of the deepest mattresses we stock. It does, however, only have one sleep side, meaning it doesn’t need to be turned, only seasonally rotated. Handles on the side help with this task. In order to combat the heat that can sometimes build up with memory foam mattresses, the mattress is also vented, allowing air to circulate freely throughout the night.

Mattressman shows off the finished Love Bed!

The Love Bed is pictured here with a pink divan base, also available in other colours. You can also buy mattress with a matching white divan base.

Our verdict? The Love Bed is a lot more than a Valentine’s gimmick, feeling incredibly supportive and comfortable and with clear signs of high quality. We love it!

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