No Need to Kick off the Covers With Our Summer Duvets!

The weather this past winter may have been slightly milder than usual, but most of us have probably still spent many nights over the last five months or so swaddled in our duvets, thinking sadly of the moment when our alarms will go off and we’ll be forced to leave the warm cocoon of bedding we’ve created for ourselves.

The temptation to roll over and go back to sleep doesn’t exactly disappear in the spring, but it definitely becomes easier to leave your bed when the weather gets warmer, as it has been doing over the past couple of weeks. This means it might be time to ditch the winter duvet and bring out something a bit lighter.

Duvet warmth is measured in “togs”, starting at very light 1.5 tog duvets and going up to very warm 15 tog duvets. A higher tog count doesn’t necessarily mean the duvet is thicker. Instead the tog count refers to the duvet’s ability to trap air and retain warmth. Suggested tog counts are 3 - 4.5 tog for summer duvets, 7.5 - 9 tog for spring and autumn, and 10.5 - 13.5 tog for winter.

The choice between natural and synthetic fillings comes down to personal preference. A duvet with natural fillings such as feather and down feels luxurious and can retain heat more effectively than a duvet of the same thickness with synthetic fillings. However, feathers can cause problems for those who suffer from allergies.

The Four Seasons duvet set from B Nott comes with one 4.5 tog and one 9 tog duvet that can be combined to create one cosy winter duvet. The Four Seasons set is specially designed to regulate temperature, with Tencel to absorb humidity and the unique Suprelle Fresh to promote good air circulation. This versatile mattress with synthetic fillings is available in our spring sale for £119 down from £179. Individual B Nott spring/autumn, summer and winter duvets are also available if you don’t need the set.

The Surrey Down Company offers a huge range of feather and down duvets. Their products are all NOMITE certified, meaning the cover is too tightly woven for dust mites to get through, reducing the risk of allergies. The 4.5 tog White Goose Down duvet is perfect if you’re looking for something for the summer months, and is available for just £99 at Mattressman.

If these don’t take your fancy, we have lots of duvets for all times of the on our site.

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