The Clocks Are Going Forward, But Don't Despair!

All too soon, it’s that time of year again — the clocks go forward in the small hours of tomorrow morning. The switch to British Summer Time is always considerably more painful than the clock change in October, as not only do you lose an hour’s sleep but it takes longer to adjust to the change in spring than it takes when the clocks go back in the autumn.

It does mean that we’re heading for longer daylight hours, but that’s not much comfort when you’re waking up an hour earlier on Monday morning. So here are some quick tips for how to make it a little easier for yourself:

  • Set your clocks forward a decent amount of time before your bedtime on Saturday (though obviously after the point at which you have to be anywhere for a certain time). This should make it easier to go to bed earlier on Saturday, and thus easier to get up on Sunday morning.
  • Speaking of Sunday morning, don’t lie in for too long, however tempting it might be. Keeping to a routine will make it much easier to adjust to the clock change.
  • To help get to sleep earlier on Saturday and Sunday night, good relaxation methods include having a warm, milky drink or a herbal tea (non-caffeinated!), taking a hot bath, gentle exercise, and winding down with some calming music.

  • However you choose to adjust to the clocks going forward, let yourself be cheered by the thought of heading home an hour earlier on Monday evening, and in broad daylight!

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