Happy National Stop Snoring Week!

This annual event by the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association aims to raise awareness about snoring and sleep apnoea. In honour of the event, here are some things that you may not know about snoring:

  • Snoring affects around a quarter of people overall.
  • The most common causes of snoring are smoking, drinking alcohol before bed, and being overweight.
  • Partners of snorers lose an average of an hour of sleep each night.
  • However, despite this evidence to the contrary, partners of snorers report better sleep when they share a bed with their partner than when they sleep alone. Aww!
  • Unless your snoring is related to sleep apnoea, you’re unlikely to snore during REM sleep.
  • Honey can help you stop snoring! Often snoring is a result of the airways narrowing, but honey helps reduce throat swelling, allowing you to breathe more easily.
  • Famous snorers throughout history include Sir Isaac Newton, Queen Victoria, and Elizabeth Taylor.
  • The loudest snore on record was a roaring 93 decibels — about as loud as a food blender!
  • Humans aren’t the only members of the animal kingdom known to snore — cats and dogs are known for nocturnal rumbling too, and in fact all mammals are thought to be able to snore.
  • You might not think snoring is particularly serious, with the biggest problem being that your partner may be grumpy with you in the morning. But did you know that snoring can be caused by an underlying health condition? Sleep apnoea is characterised by loud snoring and periods where the sufferer briefly stops breathing. This is dangerous, and if you have any reason to suspect you might have it, you should see a doctor.
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