"Happiness Blankets" Are a Frequent Flier's Dream!

Heading off on your summer holiday? Whether you’re looking for sunbathing, surfing or sightseeing, we hope you have something nice planned! If you’re flying, you’re probably dreading the jetlag, but British Airways are doing their best to fix that, as well as provide the best possible in-flight experience, with their “Happiness blankets”!

These smart blankets are embedded with tiny LEDs, which change colour according to the user’s brainwaves, picked up by a band the user wears and transmitted to the LEDs via bluetooth. The LEDs light up blue if the user is calm and relaxed, but turn red if they are stressed or anxious. The hope is that the feedback from the blankets will help British Airways to improve passengers’ experience, and may inform the types of meals served, the films shown, and other in-flight services. The blanket itself doesn’t seem too bad either, being made of wool and certainly looking very pretty!

Currently, the blanket isn’t being directly used by customers, with volunteers trying it out on trans-Atlantic flights before it’s put into wider use. But hopefully it won’t be long before it’s rolled out to more passengers and the information gathered from the blanket’s feedback is benefitting everybody, meaning you can tilt your seat back, put on your complimentary eye mask and land feeling well-rested and ready to start your holiday!

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