Our World Cup Dreams May Be Dashed, but Don’t Stop Smiling!

Well, that’s that, England fans! We’re out of the running for the World Cup. But never fear, Mattressman is here with a whole bunch of cheerful stories to pick you up. So put the kettle on, make yourself a cosy duvet nest, and read on!

  • Creating what is being referred to as the enduring image of the World Cup, Mark Bresciano of Australia tied the shoelace of a boy using crutches when he noticed it had come undone. Very cute, though sadly for Australia it didn’t create enough good karma for them to beat Chile.

  • Also in Australia, what do you think of this programme that gives office workers the chance to escape and hang out with rescue dogs? A lunch break spent petting a dog can relieve stress and possibly create a solid friendship!
  • It’s never too late: watch this woman graduate high school, aged 111!
  • It’s also never too early: this teenager is the youngest person ever to sail solo around the world!
  • And if all else fails, this video of cute, sleeping animals is sure to make you smile!
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