Roar and Snore! A New Way to Celebrate Father's Day!

Another Monday, another story to make you smile! Many people will have spent yesterday celebrating Father’s Day, and whether you are a dad, you showed your appreciation to your dad, or both, we hope it was wonderful!

But how about this for a novel way to spend Father’s Day: San Diego Zoo threw open its gates for a special Father’s Day sleepover! Families were given a tent to camp out in, and were invited to take a moonlit stroll through the park, see animal presentations, and get an exclusive early morning look at the animals with a zoo keeper. They even got to stay for breakfast!

It seems San Diego Zoo isn’t the only one that hosts special Father’s Day campouts, with several other zoos across North America holding similar events. We think it sounds a lot of fun, and hope the idea takes off in UK zoos in time for next year!

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