Knitted Nests Make Perfect Bird Beds!

It’s not just humans that need a cosy place to sleep! That’s certainly the view of this wildlife charity in San Francisco, where workers have enlisted the help of local knitters to create cosy baby bird nests!

Volunteers for WildCare, which treats thousands of wild animals every year, noticed that the baby birds they were looking after were getting bruises from the hard surfaces of the bowls that were used as temporary nests, and launched the Baby Bird Nest campaign to give the birds a more comfortable home. It didn’t take long for local knitters to get to work — as of last month, over 1,400 nests have been donated. These were then provided to other wildlife hospitals and bird rescue centres in the area.

Just like the natural fillings, including wool, that you’ll find in many of the beds we sell, the knitted nests provide great natural temperature control for the chicks, keeping them nice and warm without allowing them to overheat for the two weeks before they can be moved into a larger cage.

The campaign’s site gives all the instructions people need to knit their own bird nest, even providing patterns for knitters to follow! The tight weave of the nests ensures that its residents don’t get their feet or beaks caught, and volunteers are sending in knitted nests of all different sizes so that all baby birds can have a new home.

There’s no official Baby Bird Nest campaign in the UK yet, but there’s at least one story of UK chicks being given one of these unusual homes, and perhaps a widespread nest-knitting craze will kick off soon!

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