Friday Five: Budget Mattresses!

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for another Friday Five! This week: budget mattresses! With so many new innovations on the market, it’s easy to feel nervous about what all this might cost you. But luckily, some mattresses allow you to have a great night’s sleep without the price tag. Here are five of our favourite mattresses to go for if you’re looking for something on a budget.

The Sealy Backcare Firm

The Special Sleep from Silentnight
Silentnight, well known for their Hippo and Duck characters, cater to all budgets, but their Special Sleep is a great entry-level Miracoil mattress, costing just £159 for a double. The Miracoil system allows partners of different weights to share the mattress without disturbing each other when they move. The EcoComfort fibre fillings stop heat buildup and reduce dust mites and other allergens, while the micro-quilted cover creates a comfortable sleeping surface.

The Bronze Memory from Breasley
Breasley specialise in foam mattresses, so you know you’re in safe hands with the Bronze Memory mattress! Memory foam layered over reflex foam provides excellent comfort and support. The knitted cover makes this mattress luxuriously soft and comfortable, and for convenience it even arrives vacuum-packed so that you can easily take it to the room of choice. The Bronze Memory mattress is just £139 for a double.

The Silentnight Pocket Essentials 1000
We highly recommend pocket springs when you’re looking for a mattress for everyday use, as the individual springs respond only to direct pressure, allowing them to mould to your body and perfectly support you. The Silentnight Pocket Essentials contains 1000 pocket springs for incredible comfort, and costs just £199 for a double.

The Snuggle Light from Snuggle If you’re looking for a mattress for occasional use, such as for a spare room, the Snuggle Light is a great choice. Costing just £99 for a double, this basic mattress has hypoallergenic fillings, making it great for allergy sufferers, and a stitched cover to hold all the fillings in place.

The Backcare Firm from Sealy
Sealy are renowned for their orthopaedic spring systems, with over a century of mattress-making expertise! The Posturepedic spring system in the Backcare Firm, priced at £199 for a double, is specially designed to prevent uncomfortable pressure points. Hand-tufting holds the hypoallergenic, durable fillings together, creating a firm and comfortable sleeping surface.

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