Friday Five: Pocket Sprung Mattresses!

The week is at an end! We’re celebrating with another Friday Five — five products we love and want to talk more about to you! This week, we bring you five of our favourite pocket sprung mattresses!

We’re huge fans of pocket sprung mattresses, and highly recommend them to customers buying a mattress for nightly use. Pocket springs are fantastic for supporting you all over, as each spring is individually contained and responds only to direct pressure, meaning that they mould to your contours. They’re also great if you share your bed with a partner, as pocket springs prevent your movements from disturbing each other.

The Premier Bedstead mattress from Hypnos

Pocket springs are generally more expensive than open coil mattresses, but as with other mattress types, it possible to find one to suit any budget. Here are just some of our favourites!

The Pocket Essentials 1000 mattress from Silentnight
Proving that comfort doesn’t have to come with a huge price tag, the Pocket Essentials from Silentnight is one of our most popular mattresses, and at just £199 for a double, it’s no wonder! It contains, as you may have guessed, 1000 pocket springs and is topped with durable fibre fillings. A soft, breathable cover makes this mattress very comfortable and regulates temperature during the night.

The New Legend Ortho 2000 from Snuggle While “orthopaedic” doesn’t always mean super firm, if it is firm that you’re looking for, the New Legend Ortho, priced at £395 for a double, is one of our best! With 2000 pocket springs, those suffering back pain will feel well supported when lying on this mattress. Hand-tufting packs together the durable fibre fillings to create a firm sleeping surface, vents ensure the mattress stays cool as you sleep, and handles make it easier to move.

The Cotton Pocket 1200 Chenille from the British Bed Company The British Bed Company makes high-quality mattresses using components sourced in the UK. If you’re looking for a pocket sprung mattress that will last and last, you can’t go wrong with the Cotton Pocket at just £319 for a double! 1200 pocket springs provide excellent support, while the blend of cool, natural cotton and specially created iSoft fibre keeps you from overheating so that you can sleep comfortably!

The Memory Pocket Deluxe from Healthopaedic Pocket springs are so fantastic because of the way they mould to the body, not unlike memory foam. So imagine the two combined! The Memory Pocket Deluxe, priced at £245 for a double, features 1000 pocket springs and a layer of memory foam for ultimate comfort. The memory foam works in combination with hypoallergenic fibre fillings, which makes this mattress perfect for allergy sufferers!

The Premier Bedstead from Hypnos If you’ve ever spent a luxurious night’s sleep at a Premier Inn, you have Hypnos to thank for it! With the Premier Bedstead mattress, you get all the care, quality and attention to detail that Hypnos put into all of its mattresses. Its 1200 pocket springs are double tempered for strength, its lambswool fillings ensure a soft and cosy sleep surface, and its hand-tufting and two rows of side stitching are signs of true quality. All this at £529 for a double!