Friday Five: Some All-Time Favourites!

It’s Friday once again! How about a look at some of our favourite mattresses to round out the week? We celebrated our tenth anniversary on Monday, so here are some of our all-time favourite mattresses, many of which are used by our staff!

The Cotton Pocket 1400 from the British Bed Company

The Pocket 1000 from the British Bed Company
We highly recommend pocket springs if you’re looking for a mattress for everyday use. Pocket springs give the best possible support, as they respond only to direct pressure, which allows them to mould to your body. The higher cost of some pocket sprung mattresses can put people off, but the Pocket 1000 costs just £239 for a double and is a great place to start if you’re looking for a great night’s sleep without a high cost.

The Restapocket 1200 Memory from Restopaedic
Combining pocket springs and memory foam for the best of both supportive innovations, the Restapocket 1200 provides amazing comfort at just £379 for a double. With 1200 springs, a thick layer of memory foam, and layers of durable highloft polyester fillings, this is at the top of the Restopaedic range. The knitted, breathable cover will keep you cool throughout the night, and with its hypoallergenic fillings this one is especially good for allergy sufferers.

The Cotton Pocket 1400 from the British Bed Company
This mattress is highly recommended by a number of our sales staff — not surprising when it comes with a massive 1400 pocket springs and cool cotton fillings to provide comfort and prevent overheating. The firmer feel of the Cotton Pocket, priced at just £399 for a double, makes it a fantastic choice if you’re suffering with back pain, and the British Bed Company’s innovative Bulldog Border technology ensures that the sides are robust and long-lasting.

The New Memory Ortho from Snuggle
Designed to ease back pain, the New Memory Ortho is in our Autumn sale and costs just £449 for a double. 2000 pocket springs make up the base, while a thick layer of memory foam provides a luxuriously comfortable sleeping surface. Highloft polyester and a breathable Imazasoft cover prevent the heat buildup sometimes caused by memory foam.

The Premier Bedstead from Hypnos
Added to our Hypnos range earlier this year, the Premier Bedstead mattress, priced at £529 for a double, shows the care and attention given to all Hypnos mattresses. 1200 double-tempered springs make up the base and are topped with soft layers of lambswool and a Belgian damask cover. The Premier Bedstead is hand-tufted, holding all the fillings together, while side stitching is a traditional method of reinforcing the sides and is a sure sign of great craftsmanship.

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